An Interview With Feng Shui Master Katherine Anne Lewis

Wind, water, harmony, and balance sounds like a rock group, but it’s not. How do these words relate to one another? Accomplished feng shui master Katherine Anne Lewis, answers the question with the studied savvy of centuries-old wisdom and remedies.

   Raised in Greensboro, North Carolina, Katherine Anne is now an official Angeleno, having lived here for almost fourteen years. Nine years ago, she became seriously ill with pneumonia. A friend gave her a book about feng shui and then she put the principles into practice. Months later her doctor examined her X-rays and wanted to know what she did.  There was no scar tissue. 

  Since then, Katherine Anne has studied the art of feng shui in China, Hong Kong, and United States with four Grand Masters from different schools. She is an expert with the ‘bagua’, an octagon-shaped map used to determine locations and identify these life areas: career; knowledge; family; wealth; fame & recognition; relationships; creativity & children; helpful people/travel; health. Each area has a related color or colors and an element.

  Lewis explains, “It was originally designed 4000 years ago for the Yellow Emperor, who wanted everyone to achieve greatness and success. He sent out mathematicians and scientists to study the dynamics of energy, how and when the wind and water was flowing, and how everybody could prosper with their crops. In Chinese, feng shui translates to ‘wind’ (representing direction) and ‘water’ (representing wealth). That’s how it all began. Now there are 12 different schools of feng shui. For example, the Luo Pan Compass is used on undeveloped properties and the Tibetan Tantric Black Hat Sect is used for structures already in existence.”

CF: Many people in our world today seem totally stressed out...even children. How do you use the principles of feng shui to achieve harmony and balance?

KAL: When I go into someone’s home, I use the Tibetan school and a little of the Traditional. It’s important to know everyone’s birth date and year the home was built. The practice of feng shui is the art of placement. The key to a successful home is when you walk into your home you say to yourself, “I love it here and not know why!”

Malibu Magazine, 5/05

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