Mahogany frames the handsome door, inviting us into the restaurant Wabi Sabi. Wabi Sabi refers to a traditional Japanese architectural concept: wabi means “down to earth” or “natural goodness,” and the sensitivity which went into an arrangement intended to heighten the tranquil atmosphere produced by wabi was called sabi: perfection in imperfection.

Wabi Sabi is a year old fast-rising star, shining bright on Abbot Kenny Boulevard in Venice. Stephanie Talpis and Robert Schwann, are two out of five talented, enterprising locals comprising a team that got together and created Wabi Sabi. They talked with Malibu Monthly Magazine about the conception and evolution of their innovative Pacific Rim eclectic restaurant. These highly skilled and creative partners reflect their diversity of backgrounds and styles that spell out a harmonious and successful design formula that ultimately ends up pleasing the well-tuned pallets of the customers.

The old Come Back Inn (for rock’n rollers of Venice history) got a modern face lift that enhances the superior presentation of the cuisine, including a first-class, high quality sushi bar in the first room, like a train, connecting to the second, fresh air room that opens to a third dining area, showcasing various local artists (presently slice of life photos of Cuba).

They haven’t missed a trick, as they offer sushi delights such as ‘Wabi Sabi’ rolled in green wrap instead of black nori, filled with cooked salmon, whitefish and tuna and something sweet and crispy, among a large variety of exotic sushi offerings. In addition to their sushi menu, a hard to choose from hot menu stirs the imagination of the pallet, such as teriyaki and lime infused grilled baby-back ribs, delectable bouillabaisse, elegant simplicity of miso or squash soups, and to top off the meal are luscious desserts such as green tea crème brullèe among other high-temptation delights.

Malibu Magazine, 5/02

For complete article: MMM-WABI SABI 2 (10-02).pdf





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